Here at Omnia Church Apps and Omnia Livestream, we strive to stay in good standing with any and all services we integrate with out of the respect of our partners. That means that we must adhere to the policies of Third Parties, such as Facebook, when using their services, and it can sometimes limit what we are able to do.

Here are the main Policies of Omnia Livestream in regards to Facebook Live:

  • If you are streaming to Facebook Live, you must have all other streaming providers (eg. YouTube) disabled. Omnia will automatically disable those streams if you enable the Facebook Live Integration. You will not lose your configuration with any other providers if they are disabled. You can simply re-enable them at any time, but your Facebook Live Integration will then automatically be disabled
  • You are free to stream to Facebook Live at the same time as your website and Omnia Channel

*NOTE: Our current Facebook Live API integration has been reviewed and approved by Facebook

If you would like to see what Facebook's policies are for streaming to FB Live, please visit their Facebook Policy Page.

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