• For instructions on how to Add an Input Source for OBS, please visit that article by clicking the button below:
  • Click Settings, which should be in the bottom right hand corner
  • Click on Stream on the left hand side, then click on Stream Type and set to Custom Streaming Server  
  • So the URL will look like this:


  • And Stream Key would be:


  • You can find your team's Server URL and Stream Key at the top of your Livestream Dashboard 
  • Once you find them, enter them into OBS

NOTE: If you are not using Authentication, make sure the "Use Authentication" box is NOT checked

  • Finally, click Start Streaming in the bottom right-hand corner, then click Yes at the prompt 
  • If you see this popup below, simply click Yes.
  • That's it! You should now be livestreaming to your Omnia Livestream account! Congratulations!

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