Bye, Bye, Flash. Hello, SSL Security and more!

  • SSL encryption across all of Omnia. We have always valued security and our main website ( has always had SSL security, but now we've made our livestreams completely secured using HTTPS and industry leading encryption. This means everything you do on Omnia is encrypted to ensure optimal security, no matter where you are. If you are saying to yourself right now, "I don't think that really matters to me", just think of it this way... If you are using insecure websites with a password that you happen to use somewhere else, and that site gets broken into or hacked, then your password would then be public information that they can try on any of your other accounts. As a security precaution, we always advise users to use a unique password for your Omnia account, but this is just one of many scenarios where you get to benefit from Omnia having industry-leading security. πŸ”
  • Flash is out the door and will officially be deprecated by Google Chrome in 2020, but we wanted to be ahead of the curve and completely go "Flash-less" across all of Omnia, so you and your viewers get the best viewing experience possible. All of our Omnia Live Players are now using HTML5, with HLS and HTTPS streaming, which means they will be uniform across all operating systems and devices. 😁 πŸ“²
  • Episode Thumbnails are finally here! This has been a requested feature by our community and we are happy to finally give it to you. You can now go into your Episode Edit page and upload a thumbnail for each Episode as well as upload one to your Episode Template so it is automatically applied to all of your Episodes upon creation! πŸŽ†

  • Upload Videos/Episodes - You can now upload Videos to your past Episodes in order to upload your archive. In order for this to work, we've added a "Create Archived Episode" button in the "Advanced..." section to your Episode Dashboard, where you can create an Episode, and then upload the video.

  • Import Episodes from another provider/service (RSS Feed) (Coming Soon) - You can now import your past Episodes from almost any RSS feed! If you are coming from another livestream provider, this is a great tool to copy everything over in just a few clicks! (You will find the Import Tool in the "Advanced..." section of your Episode Dashboard)

As always, if you have any trouble or need any help, feel free to reach out to us in the chat and will we help you ASAP! 😁


Timezones & Yearly Plans (with 1 month free discounts)

  • You can now set your Team's timezone on the Team Settings page and it will show dates throughout Omnia in the selected timezone
  • The option to pay with Yearly Plans has been added to the Subscriptions page and if you decide to go that route, you will receive 1 month free every year!

Reach your Facebook fans!

If you thought we released some amazing features with the last update, you are going to love this week's! We now have the feature everyone has been waiting for! That's right, Facebook Live! You can now stream directly from Omnia to your Facebook Page with minimal setup required. Now get out there and reach all those fans of yours!

  • Facebook Live - Streaming directly to Facebook Live from Omnia. Learn how at our helpful tutorial here
  • Stream Integrations - Β new panel on Livestream Dashboard to make setting up new Stream Integrations like Facebook Live a breeze.
  • Episode Restriction - Added "Locked Episodes" section on Episode Dashboard to allow user to see Episodes that are locked on the Forever Free Plan. You can also now Upgrade your plan straight from the Episode Dashboard.
  • Updated some backend frameworks that will allow us to build more amazing features for you in the future!
  • Fixed Password Reset Page - had a bug that wasn't allowing some users to reset their password.
  • Minor bug & UI fixes


Facebook, Profiles, New Pricing, and more!

March 17th

  • Foundation of Social Accounts - We've added the foundations of integration with many different social accounts, including Facebook, Google, etc.Β 
  • Facebook Sign Up - You can now sign up for Omnia using your Facebook account. We've also created the ability to link your Facebook account to your Omnia account.
  • Setup infrastructure for a major update coming in the next few weeks (Facebook Live, YouTube integration)
  • New Pricing Plans - this is a huge update to our pricing plans, and we have made every effort to make plans that fit every type of church from the Forever Free Plan all the way to the Premium Plan with Worldwide CDN. Check out our homepage or your Team Settings Page to view the new pricing.
  • Improved the look of the Team and Profile in the navbar
  • Redesigned Homepage to make pricing and features more clear
  • Changed "Sites" to "Channels" for clarity. Setup infrastructure to add more options and settings to Channels in the future
  • UI / Design & workflow Improvements


Livestream: Episode Filters, Bibles

February 15

  • Added Filters on Episode Dashboard columns so you can easily sort by column
  • Added Default Bible setting in Team Settings to choose your default bible on your Omnia Livestream Site page.



January 2Β 

  • added infrastructure for greater scalability
  • minor bug fixes


RSS Feeds, Podcasts, HD video

December 15

  • RSS feeds of your episodes so you can integrate with a podcast, iTunes, a mobile app, or anything else that uses RSS.
  • Added support for HD streaming
  • minor bug fixes
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