UStream is one of the major livestream providers out there and we thought it would be helpful to give a side-by-side comparison of the features that UStream offers compared to Omnia Livestream. We are going based off the current plans that UStream is offering at the time of the writing of this article, so if there are any updates, please feel free to share them.
Here are the links we are using to compare:
UStream -
Omnia Livestream -

We will break it up into these categories:

  • Features
  • Pricing
  • Customization for Churches
  • Reliability

Features / Pricing

Obviously features is a major part of the equation as well as pricing in choosing your livestream provider. Let's take a dive into the features of each provider and see how they match up.
*One feature that will be mentioned several times is UStream Viewer Hours, so I thought I would define it just so it's clear. Viewer Hours are the amount of hours that viewers watch your videos. For example, if 10 people watched your 2 hour service, that will cost 20 Viewer Hours.

Free Tier

Omnia Livestream - Livestream absolutely Free forever + 1 Episode in 1080p HD with Youtube Integration, no Ads
UStream - Ads every few minutes

Basic Tier

Omnia Livestream - $14/month
UStream - $99/month

Omnia Livestream - None... like ever, ever...
UStream - 100 Ad-free hours*, then 50¢ per Viewer Hour

Storage / Video Usage (about $50 in Omnia, $99 in UStream)
Omnia Livestream - ($0.75/GB)
UStream - 50GB limit

Logo Branding
Omnia Livestream - No Omnia branding, so you can put your own logo
UStream - UStream Logo on your player, not your logo

Omnia Livestream - Live and Vod Analytics
Ustream - None

Omnia Livestream - Planning Center (coming soon)
UStream - Facebook, Twitter

Omnia-Only Features in Every Plan
Audio & Video Podcast

Standard Tier

Omnia Livestream - $49/month
UStream - $499/month

(about )
Omnia Livestream - None
UStream - 2000 free Viewer Hours*, then 25¢ per Viewer Hour

Omnia Livestream - $0.65/GB, no limits
UStream - 250GB limit

All Omnia-Only Features specified above + Facebook, YouTube 

Pro/Premium Tier

Omnia Livestream - $99/month
UStream - $999/month (minimum)

Omnia Livestream - $0.55/GB, no limits
UStream - 5000 Viewer Hours, 500 GB, 20¢ per Viewer Hour

All Omnia-Only Features specified above + WorldWide CDN

Customization for Churches

Omnia is designed specifically for churches in mind. We have things like Bibles, Main speakers, speaker notes and more features coming soon. We also do custom projects to specifically enhance Omnia specifically for what churches need.
UStream is a generic livestream provider.


Omnia has a 99.9% uptime and releases new updates every 2 weeks

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