• Omnia Livestream Account on Livestream Standard Plan or higher (see details here)
  • Facebook account and Facebook Page (cannot stream to personal profile)


  • Login To Omnia Livestream and go to your Livestream Dashboard
  • Click on "Stream Integrations" in your Livestream Dashboard
  • Link your Facebook Account by clicking the blue "Link Facebook" button
  • Go back to your "Stream Integrations" on your Livestream Dashboard
  • You will see a your Stream Integrations appear similarly to this (picture below)
  • Video Walkthrough
  • Select the Facebook Page you want to use from the dropdown menu
  • Select the Episode Template you want to use. 

Note: If you leave it as "My Default Episode Template", Omnia will automatically use your current default Episode Template every time you start streaming. This is usually the recommended selection, unless you want to have specific Episode details for Facebook Live.

  • Click the Save button. This will create your Stream Integration. 
  • Note: *This will not start a stream to Facebook*. Omnia will now use your Stream Integration to automatically create a Facebook Live video stream each time you start streaming to your Omnia account.
  • That's it! We hope that was really easy since that's our goal, but if you still need any help, feel free to reach out to us in the chat.
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