Camera and Tripod Bundle

This is a reliable camera that has great HD quality with zoom features for a low entry price point. The accompanying tripod allows you to have your camera high as well as tilt and pan when necessary. It is a great entry level bundle for the new streamer.

Teradek Vidiu Hardware Encoder (Instead of a computer) 

There is often debate between whether to buy a computer or simply use a hardware encoder, and the reality is that both work well for different needs. If you are just wanting to get going with livestream and want something reliable that you don't have to mess with or train volunteers on a lot, a hardware encoder is usually a good way to go. There is no Operating System to learn or worry about such as Windows or MacOS, and you don't have to buy a Software Encoder such as Wirecast.
That said, there are definitely benefits of having a full computer setup, but when you are just getting started, or if that computer will ONLY be used for streaming your live feed to the web (not for video switching, audio adjustments, etc.) then a hardware encoder is the way to go. We decided to go with the Teradek Vidiu because of it's reliability and ease of setup. You can usually set this up within 10 minutes and they even have mobile apps to setup and monitor your feed.

HDMI Cables - 10' (2 Pack)

When it comes to HDMI cables, you want to have ones that are reliable. Nothing is more frustrating than troubleshooting issues you are having with all of your hardware for hours, only to realize that the HDMI cables have gone bad. While Amazon's cables are not immune to failure, they have proven to be sturdy and reliable for many organizations for many years. 

Omnia Livestream - Hosting Provider

Once you have all of your hardware setup, you will need somewhere to send your stream to! Now, with the Teradek that we recommended above, you have lots of options, including Facebook and YouTube. However, you won't be able to stream to a player on your website without the use of a Livestream Hosting Provider.
There are many options out there that have great features and different selling points and are pretty reliable. Just to name a few, there is Omnia Livestream (That's us!),,, and Boxcast.
What separates Omnia Livestream from the rest comes down to
Easy of Use
it is Specialized for Churches ⛪️,
Amazing Support
and our Nobody Can Beat Our Pricing Guarantee 😃💵.
And we aren't just talking about our Free Forever Plan. That also includes our Paid Plans, which are usually about
1/4 of the price of our competitors
which is why we are happy to list them here for you so you can compare for yourself.

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